Ocean Initiatives are clean-up actions on beaches, lakes, rivers and sea beds all over the world. These litter collections are organized by volunteers with the support of Surfrider Foundation Europe.

Ocean Initiatives in 1 minute

What purpose do they serve?

The Ocean Initiatives aim to eliminate pollution caused by marine waste. They enable every citizen to take this first step in the movement to protect the oceans.

people to take action

Surfrider Foundation Europe supports volunteers to organize clean-up operations completely autonomously, with a range of tools and a somewhat educational approach.

public awareness

Joining one of the clean-ups organized as part of Ocean Initiatives, participants become aware of the impact of waste-related pollution thanks to an action on the field.

aim at the heart
of the problem

When volunteers inform Surfrider Foundation Europe about the waste picked up during their clean-up, they are contributing to research into pollution and helping to influence legislation.

Participants per year
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Reasons to participate
participate ?

Protect the environment

An Ocean Initiative is a practical action to protect the environment while enjoying some time with your family, friends or new acquaintances.

Spread the message

Taking part in an Ocean Initiative helps to make people aware of the marine litter issue, using the educational tools provided by Surfrider.

Be part of the solution

Ocean Initiatives allow Surfrider to influence laws and reduce waste at source, through volunteer participation and information gathered on waste.