Do you know the 10 most common litter items found in our oceans?

Here, you can find all the figures reported back to us by Ocean Initiatives volunteers from their litter cleanups. These figures relate to Europe and are updated in real time. They highlight the main types of litter found on Europe’s beaches, lakes and rivers.

Based on 221 report forms completed by 785 cleanups organised in 2022

238 617Wet wipes

201 314Tobacco products with filters

31 972Pieces of plastic 2,5-50 cm

16 819Pieces of polystyrene 2,5-50 cm

15 116Fishing : nets and ropes (Ø < 1cm)

9 757Plastic bags and pieces

9 205Food packaging

8 283Plastic bottle caps

7 571Bottle caps

6 477Glass pieces / ceramic pieces