Organizer’s Kit

You will receive the Ocean Initiatives kit once you have registered your collection on the site. On this page we provide the tools in web format for any on-line distribution.

The organiser’s kit contains the tools that will help you carry out your clean-up action on the beach, lake or river of your choice and raise awareness about marine litter pollution. For further information, please check out the Organizer’s Kit.


The Ocean Initiatives banner will help you during the educational process thanks to key data on marine litter and examples of simple actions to rethink plastic bottles use.


The Ocean Initiatives bags to collect waste during your clean up on beaches, rivers, lakes or seabeds. These bags are made of recycled plastic.


The hessian bags are more resistant than reusable plastic bags and may also be useful. We suggest you use them to separate certain kinds of litter (glass, metal, other). Remember to get these bags back at the end of the clean up and rinse and dry them so that they can be reused.


Underwater Ocean Initiatives organizers can use these nets to collect waste on the seafloor.

The posters

The Ocean Initiatives posters give visibility to your action, by reaching out to passer-bys thanks to its visual conception and ultimately attracting more participants. They will help you promote your action locally. We suggest putting them up 15 days before the Ocean Initiative next to nearby businesses and other highly frequented areas, with the place and time of your collection written on the designated space..


We will send you some protective gloves for picking up litter. Remember to ask participants to give them back at the end of your clean up so they can be reused.

The awareness raising fact sheet

The Ocean Initiatives awareness-raising fact sheet is an educational tool for collection organisersand can be used in addition to the banner.

It gives key figures on marine litter, information on the origins of plastic, why it has become an issue, ideas for concrete actions, etc.
It will serve as a useful guide during the awareness building phase: all you have to do is read it!

If you want to learn more, visit the Ocean Campus website.


The data on the waste you collect during your clean-up help us to understand more about the pollution issue. You are the people who can best tell us about the conditions of your beaches, lakes, rivers and seabeds, so we need you to help us carry out our research program! There are three ways of sharing this information with us, click on the buttons below to find out more.

Organiser's guide

The “Organiser’s Guide” will help you get ready to conduct your Ocean Initiative. You will find all the information you need to do your clean up and to get more details on marine litter.