Not in My ocean_International Coastal Clean Up 2018

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Sábado 15 Septiembre 2018 07:30

Malindi Rd, Mombasa, Kenya, Mombasa, Kenya

Organizada por Lenice Ojwang

Another opportunity to stand up for our oceans is here following a successful pilot cleanup held on 11th August 2018. The exercise is being organized under the SDG Lab-Not in my ocean project and seeks to complement interventions lined up to commemorate the annual International Coastal Cleanup in Kenya. The exercise will be coordinated by CORDIO East Africa in partnership with other actors, key being 3 volunteers that have continued to work relentlessly toward a cleaner ?Pirates Beach?. It is also intended to provide a platform for sharing experiences through the participation of members of the KMFRI Marine Debris Volunteers Programme. Our target is the river-inlet (mto-panga) next to Pirates Beach, in Mombasa. We will continue to highlight the challenges with the management of solid waste from land-based sources and possible stakeholders-driven solutions, as well as sensitise the beach users and the community at large on the impacts of marine litter. Participants will then join other volunteers for the national celebration which will be held a few meters from the collection site. Remember to carry your reusable water bottle to minimize our plastic footprint!

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