Not in My Ocean: Pirates Beach Clean Up

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Sábado 11 Agosto 2018 08:00

#9 Kibaki Flats, Kenyatta Beach P.O.BOX 10135, , 80101 Mombasa, Kenya

Organizada por Lenice Ojwang

The clean-up exercise will be coordinated by CORDIO East Africa, in partnership with other actors. Our target is pirates beach including one river-inlet (mto-panga). Pirates is the biggest public beach in Mombasa, Kenya. CORDIO through support funding from SwedBio and National Research Fund (NRF- South Africa), has been holding a series of discussions to determine the challenges with the management of solid waste from land-based sources and possible stakeholders-driven solutions. The clean-up will form part of the efforts to sensitise the beach users and the community at large on the impacts of marine litter, as well as foster the efforts of a group of 4 volunteers trying to supplement activities of the municipal council in managing waste from facilities located on the beach. This will also serve as a build-up activity towards the 2018 International Coastal Clean Up day.