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Obj. : How to contact the organiser 🤔

Hello __PRENOM__,


Congratulations on your commitment to help protect the ocean!

In this email, I'll quickly show you 2 ways you can contact the organiser.

You have a chat and a button enabling you to send an email directly to the organiser.


💬 The chat allows you to have a real-time discussion with the organiser and the other participants who have signed up for the collection via the Ocean Initiatives website.

You can use it to interact with them any time of the day.




📩 The button for sending an email directly to the organiser can be found on the collection page.

You can use it to send your message directly to the email address of the collection organiser. You can use this feature if you have confidential information to share with the organiser or simply if the organiser isn't replying on the chat.





If your collection group wants more immediacy in your exchanges, you can also suggest using WhatsApp. Here are the 3 steps to setting it up:

1️⃣ Download the WhatsApp application

2️⃣ Ask the members of the collection group for their telephone numbers

3️⃣ Create a WhatsApp group with these numbers

You can then interact in real time using WhatsApp on your smartphones.


To recap:

💬 A chat on the website to interact directly with the collection organiser and participants

📩 A button on the collection's page to send an email to the organiser with confidential information or in the absence of a reply in the chat

📞 WhatsApp for those wanting more immediacy

Don't hesitate to send a message now on the chat to introduce yourself!


Until next time,



Need to contact the organiser? Click here.