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Obj. : The organiser's most valuable tool 💎

Hello __PRENOM__,

Yes, you guessed it: I'm talking about the Organiser's Kit.


It contains 🎁

  • An educational banner
  • 100% recycled plastic bags
  • Hessian bags
  • Posters to publicise your event
  • Reusable gloves
  • Nets (for underwater collections)


You'll also find online in PDF format 📄

  • The organiser's guide with a handy checklist for before, during and after the collection (where to put the litter, learn how to quantify it, etc.).
  • The Awareness Raising Fact Sheet which you can take with you on collection day
  • The Report Form which will help you quantify the litter collected


All the valuable material contained in this kit costs on average €41.

But we've chosen to send it free of charge so that everyone can act to protect the oceans 🌊

If you want to, you can always make a donation to support our actions.




Have fun discovering your kit!

Until next time,