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Obj. : 4 tips to motivate people to join in your collection.

Hello __PRENOM__,

Your litter collection is fast approaching and I'm sure you'll want to get as many people as possible involved.


Here are 4 simple and effective tips for mobilising your friends and family ✊

📲 Post a message on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). For more visibility, you can create your event on Facebook and invite your Facebook friends and contacts to share your event/your collection!

📞 Contact local media (press, radio, TV, etc.). They're usually keen to cover this sort of initiative.

👋🏼 Let your town or village council know

📢 Invite local associations, companies, shops, businesses, etc., to take part in your operation. They can really add value to your event for example by encouraging greater public participation, organising a fun activity, providing logistical support, in-kind donations, etc.


And to help you with this, Surfrider has created a range of communication tools for you to use!



Until next time,