Act! Quadient Stratford 14 septembre

Organized by Laura Gauvrit

Date & hour

Friday 09/15/2023


Evolve Skateboards UK, 25 East Bay Lane, London, England, E20 3, GBR


Top 10 of collected items

1 800Tobacco products with filters

70Bottle caps


40Glass bottles

38Plastic cups

23Pieces of iron or scrap iron

22Glass pieces / ceramic pieces

21Food packaging

19Plastic bottles ≤ 0,5 L

9Inflatable balloons


Type of collectionA pied (plage/berges)
Number of participants18
Length of beach/bank cleaned+ de 1000m
Please specify1200
Number of bags filled9
Do you visit this place often?Non
To your knowledge, is there normally a large amount of litter in this area?Non
In your opinion, has the beach been cleaned (presence of beach cleaning machine tracks or beach cleaned regularly) over the two weeks preceding the clean-up?Nsp
Have you noticed an excessive amount of other types of litter?Non
Did you find any large or unusual waste (cars, telephone boxes, fridges)?Oui
Please specify2 puffs
Have you observed on the beache or on the riverbanks some industrial plastic pellets* also called mermaid tears?Non
Are you aware of any event in the area that could cause a higher presence of litter (community or private parties, unusual weather conditions, beach parties, etc.)?Non
- Near a river, watercourse or outlet that empties out into the seaOui
Please specifycanal
- Near a major shipping areaNsp
- Near a tourist areaOui
- Near a townOui
You can specify the type of marine activities located on-site (fishing activities, shellfish aquaculture, nautical activities, sailing, port activities,...)Autres
Please specifyras
During the course of your Ocean Initiative, did you find and collect biocarriers?Non


Tobacco products with filters1800
Plastic bottles (drinks) under 50 cl or = to 50 cl19
Plastic bottles (drinks) over 50 cl7
Plastic bottle caps4
Food packaging (tubs, sandwich wrappers, yoghurt containers, fast food wrappers)21
Plastic bags and pieces of plastic bags3
Confectionery packets and wrappers (crisp packets, chocolate bars, sweets, fruit purée pouches)6
Sanitary / hygienic waste: Tampons and applicators4
Plastic cups, including lid38
Picnic dishes: cutlery4
Inflatable balloons9
Glass bottles40
Glass pieces / ceramic pieces22
Bottle caps70
Pieces of iron or scrap iron23
Clothes, tea towels3
People sensitised
Bags collected
Butts Picked Up