Praia do Amado beach clean with Aljezur International School

Organized by Tycho Huussen

Date & hour

Wednesday 06/08/2022


Praia do Amado, 8670, Aljezur, Faro, PRT


Top 10 of collected items

404Fishing : nets and ropes (Ø < 1cm)

370Pieces of polystyrene 2,5-50 cm

225Plastic bags and pieces

207Confectionery packets and wrappers

186Sanitary waste: Tampons

88Plastic bottle caps

58Tobacco products with filters

56Wet wipes

55Bottle caps

47Pieces of plastic 2,5-50 cm


On foot (beach/river banks)
Number of schoolchildren41
Do you visit this place often?Yes
To your knowledge, is there normally a large amount of litter in this area?No
In your opinion, has the beach been cleaned (presence of beach cleaning machine tracks or beach cleaned regularly) over the two weeks preceding the clean-up?No
Have you noticed an excessive amount of other types of litter?No
Did you find any large or unusual waste (cars, telephone boxes, fridges)?Yes
Please specifyLarge tangled net approx. 3x2x1 m3, ~150 kg; 2 wooden pallets, piece of soft foam, approx. 80x40x15 cm3; 2 large plastic containers (+/- 30 liter) used as floats; big piece of laminated board (approx. 80x50 cm2); large net of rigid plastic about 150x50 cm2
Have you observed on the beache or on the riverbanks some industrial plastic pellets* also called mermaid tears?No
Are you aware of any event in the area that could cause a higher presence of litter (community or private parties, unusual weather conditions, beach parties, etc.)?No
- Near a river, watercourse or outlet that empties out into the seaNo
- Near a major shipping areaNo
- Near a tourist areaYes
- Near a townNo
You can specify the type of marine activities located on-site (fishing activities, shellfish aquaculture, nautical activities, sailing, port activities,...)Fishing, Nautical activities
Please specifycommercial and leisure
Please specifysurfing
During the course of your Ocean Initiative, did you find and collect biocarriers?Yes
Do not hesitate to ask us questions about the wastes you have found or to write us anything that seems useful for the Ocean Initiatives. Feel free, the best ideas never remain stowed in the drawers.Hello, Thank you for the great work you do. I will email a few pictures of the garbage we collected. Thank you, Tycho Huussen Aljezur International School


Tobacco products with filters58
Plastic bottles (drinks) under 50 cl or = to 50 cl13
Plastic bottles (drinks) over 50 cl2
Plastic bottles except beverages (cleaning products, beauty products)3
Cigarette lighters3
Plastic bottle caps88
Food packaging (tubs, sandwich wrappers, yoghurt containers, fast food wrappers)15
Sanitary / hygienic waste: Tampons and applicators186
Sanitary: Mask7
Medical waste plastic: Medicine packaging / tubes / vials3
Plastic cups, including lid3
Waste fishing gear: nets (including pieces of net), ropes, string, tangled nets and ropes.404
Lollipop sticks40
Wet wipes (sanitary, textile)56
Pieces of plastic between 2.5 and 50 cm47
Pieces of polystyrene between 2.5 and 50 cm370
Confectionery packets and wrappers (crisp packets, chocolate bars, sweets, fruit purée pouches)207
Plastic bags and pieces of plastic bags225
Sandals / shoes2
Bottle caps55
Clothes, tea towels19
Glass bottles15
Glass pieces / ceramic pieces2

Filter medias


People sensitised
Bags collected
Butts Picked Up