Seven-2-Seven Link to Literacy

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Saturday 27 March 2021 03:30

25524 Malindi Rd, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Tanzanie

Organized by Seven to seven Seven-to-seven link to literacy

WE, Seven-2-Seven Link to Literacy, a nonprofit organization, we are dealing with environment in Zanzibar islands.

In 2019 we got a got a full registration from the registrar board in Tanzania, and in 2020 we have done one project with you.

Now, we are going to do the same program of cleaning the beaches in advance level, but we need you to support us enough cleaning materials.

And we are asking you to visit us or give a chance for our leader(s) to visit your office in order to gain more experience.

Thank you

Khamis Shaame Mohd
Seven-2-Seven Link to Literacy